Guest article by Klaus Degner in the funkschau

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Guest article by Klaus Degner in the funkschau

Monitoring of load peaks - detecting and avoiding bursts

One of our newer features, the burst analysis, is the subject of a detailed technical article by our managing director Klaus Degner in the current funkschau issue 13-14/2018.

Klaus explains the effects of load peaks in the network, shows which information the monitoring of bursts makes possible and gives recommendations on how to react to load peaks.

The following aspects are discussed:

  • Peak load vs. average network load
  • How can peak loads be found?
  • How does a network react to peak loads?
  • How do network peaks affect protocols like TCP, SIP and RTP and what does this mean for my network?
  • Procedure for peak loads

The complete article is available online (in German only).

Here you have the possibility to download the print version of the article.


Enjoy your reading!

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