Technical article in LANLine September 2018 - in German

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Technical article in LANLine September 2018

SIP/RTP analysis in heterogeneous networks, finding sources of error.

The September issue of LANLine (page 28) focuses on an article by Allegro Packets. Which sources of error arise through the integration of Voice over IP (VoIP) into the networks and how does the relocation of voice applications into the cloud affect us. Managing Director Klaus Degner of Allegro Packets GmbH describes the associated requirements for the analysis and monitoring functions. The "Client" and "Server" endpoints can be tested with simple methods. The IT department is helped by current network analysis tools in the area of SIP/RTP analysis in the company network. These tools - partly portable - display the complete network traffic in real time and thus not only include pure VoIP traffic, but also provide an overall picture of the existing traffic.

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