How does the Allegro Network Multimeter work?

Allegro User Day 2021

Demo: Allegro Network Multimeter in 5 Minutes

Release Webcasts

Firmware Release 3.3 with the following topics:

Path measurement extension, 'Slow memory' support, active name resolution via DNS, IEC 60870-5-104 decoder, processing limitation per virtual link group, extended pcap extraction, pcap comment and filter profiles, Syslog improvements, ring buffer rules for VLAN, rules for SIP-calls, Webshark preview for disk captures, IPSec statistics, GENEVE & TRILL

Firmware Release 3.2 with the following topics:

Flexible graph resolution, new incident engine, offline Product Wiki, regexp feature, IPSec per tunnel statistics, TACACS+, virtual link group extension, TCP statistics, improved QoS and DSCP, new speed modes, time selector and SIP feature improvements and much more


Firmware Release 3.1 with the following topics:

Configurable dashboards, SIP View (call details), Multi SIP View, Multi-Device support, IP groups, IEEE 802.11 statistics, packet ring buffer filter, TCP flags

Network Insights

Start pcap Captures with a USB Presenter


What is the Allegro Network Multimeter

Introduction of the Product Wiki

New Appliances: Allegro 1300 / 3300 / 5300

Debugging Skype Traffic with TCP

The web interface of the Allegro Network Multimeter

Network Statistics & Analysis on Layers 3, 4 and 7

The Allegro Network Multimeter Ring Buffer

Path Measurement with the Allegro Network Multimeter

Performance Optimization for special Use Cases

Exhibitions and Events

CORE-IT PROS 2022: Use cases of network analysis

SharkFest'22: Pre-filter to Wireshark

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