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Great track records with the Allegro Network Multimeter

Success-Story Stadtwerke Unna

The Allegro Network Multimeter is used in a variety of ways at Stadtwerke Unna: from supporting troubleshooting, monitoring and long-term IT planning, to IEC104 protocol investigations, to helping check and ensure network quality.

You can get an insight into the use of the Allegro Network Multimeter at Stadtwerke Unna in this article.

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Success Story Max Planck Society

Finding bottlenecks, eliminating performance degradation, detecting critical traffic: Ensuring the network is running smoothly is one of the daily tasks of network administrators from the Max Planck Institutes' GNZ (= common network centre). This is where the Allegro Network Multimeter comes in.

Success-Story Josefs-Gesellschaft

How does the IT Infrastructure Team Leader of the Josefs-Gesellschaft manage to monitor, examine and identify problems in their VPN network with over 80 locations? How is the actual bandwidth of the dedicated line measured and, if necessary, prove that the value is too low? The article provides insights into path measurement and line monitoring of the Josefs-Gesellschaft company networks, implemented in a data protection-friendly manner.

Success-Story Swisscom

Swisscom, the number one in the Swiss telecommunications industry relies on the support of Allegro Packets in their VoIP network. Find out the reasons why the largest Allegro Network Multimeter, the Allegro 5500, debugs up to 12 million packets per second at peak times.

Success-Story TU GRAZ

At the TU Graz a large traffic volume has to be handled. The Allegro 3500 can record large amounts of data for live analysis and subsequent troubleshooting. However, it does not make sense to record all traffic. Find out the reasons in the Success Story.

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Success-Story ARVATO

IT service provider Arvato Systems used the Allegro Network Multimeter to optimize network troubleshooting. It provided valuable services for two different challenges at the same time.

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Success-Story BITMARCK

Misconfigured network connection paralyzes customer service center. How BITMARCK, leading IT firm in the healthcare sector, chooses the Allegro Network Multimeter for troubleshooting and identifies within seconds why the connection to the Citrix terminal servers was that slow.

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Success-Story COOP

Delays and unnecessary waiting times in warehousing: Coop, one of the largest wholesalers and retailers in Switzerland, uses the Allegro Network Multimeter to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot their network.



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