Use Cases

Examples how to use the Allegro Network Multimeter

Analysis of WebEx quality issues

This use case demonstrates how a sales representative's sudden problem with a WebEx session is solved. Here, the Allegro Network Multimeter shows the IT staff L7 protocol and link statistics so they can locate the error, leading to a fast solution of the problem.

Determining the IP address of a device

In heterogeneous networks it is often difficult to determine the IP address of a terminal device. This video explains how the Allegro Network Multimeter helps you to find out the IPv4 or IPv6 address of a terminal device within seconds. Different ways to determine the IP are shown, e.g. via the MAC address, the device manufacturer or the DHCP name.

Analyzing a pcap

Analyzing a pcap

Wireshark is a very helpful program which is unrivalled for detailed packet analysis. The snag is that Wireshark is sometimes unwieldly and very slow. In this use case, …

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Network Monitoring: Proactive troubleshooting made easy

Suppose you are asked for a report or status assessment of what network changes have occurred recently. The necessary information can be obtained quickly and easily using …

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Historical analysis of a network problem

Historical network analysis of a network malfunction

Network malfunctions often occur when you’re not sitting at the computer. But you can still investigate the cause of the error – for the Allegro Network Multimeter makes …

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Identifying Top IP addresses

Analysis of poor network performance based on top IP addresses

After a long weekend, the system administrator receives several emails from colleagues complaining about the network being sluggish. Network performance suddenly …

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Identifying and solving sporadic malfunctions of the server connection

Identifying sporadic malfunctions of the server connection

Here’s a situation familiar to every system administrator. An employee tells you that they can’t always use some of the services in the network. However, they can’t give …

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SMB statistics

File server SMB statistics

Suppose you’ve been asked to submit a report about what bandwidth the file server uses and which users had the highest traffic at a certain time of the day. The necessary …

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Creation of a packet capture after a network malfunction

Creating a packet capture to diagnose a network malfunction

It’s very easy to use the Allegro Network Multimeter to create a Packet Capture (pcap) of a network error. Apart from our multimeter, all you need is internal or external …

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