Use Cases

Examples how to use the Allegro Network Multimeter

Analysis of WebEx quality issues

This use case demonstrates how a sales representative's sudden problem with a WebEx session is solved. Here, the Allegro Network Multimeter shows the IT staff L7 protocol and link statistics so they can locate the error, leading to a fast solution of the problem.

Determining the IP address of a device

In heterogeneous networks it is often difficult to determine the IP address of a terminal device. This video explains how the Allegro Network Multimeter helps you to find out the IPv4 or IPv6 address of a terminal device within seconds. Different ways to determine the IP are shown, e.g. via the MAC address, the device manufacturer or the DHCP name.

Analyzing a pcap

Analyzing a pcap

Wireshark is a very helpful program which is unrivalled for detailed packet analysis. The snag is that Wireshark is sometimes unwieldly and very slow. In this use case, you’ll learn how to analyze and pre-filter a previously recorded pcap with the Allegro Network Multimeter to make using Wireshark much clearer and faster.

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Network Monitoring: Proactive troubleshooting made easy

Suppose you are asked for a report or status assessment of what network changes have occurred recently. The necessary information can be obtained quickly and easily using the Allegro Network Multimeter.

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SMB statistics

File server SMB statistics

Suppose you’ve been asked to submit a report about what bandwidth the file server uses and which users had the highest traffic at a certain time of the day. The necessary information can be obtained quickly and easily using the Allegro Network Multimeter.

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Creation of a packet capture after a network malfunction

Creating a packet capture to diagnose a network malfunction

It’s very easy to use the Allegro Network Multimeter to create a Packet Capture (pcap) of a network error. Apart from our multimeter, all you need is internal or external data storage...

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Identifying and solving sporadic malfunctions of the server connection

Identifying sporadic malfunctions of the server connection

Here’s a situation familiar to every system administrator. An employee tells you that they can’t always use some of the services in the network. However, they can’t give you any specific data, such as the exact time at which they couldn’t access which service or whether the same server connection was always concerned.

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Historical analysis of a network problem

Historical network analysis of a network malfunction

Network malfunctions often occur when you’re not sitting at the computer. But you can still investigate the cause of the error – for the Allegro Network Multimeter makes light work of a historical analysis of network traffic.

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Identifying Top IP addresses

Analysis of poor network performance based on top IP addresses

After a long weekend, the system administrator receives several emails from colleagues complaining about the network being sluggish. Network performance suddenly collapsed on Monday morning between 10 and 10.30am. Why?

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