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With the aid of the Allegro Network Multimeter, German IT company ITsicher.NET was able to quickly pinpoint and rectify a fault in a large public authority’s network. We recently spoke to Rainer Sollinger, the CEO of

Mr. Sollinger, in what sort of situations do you use our network troubleshooting tool, the Allegro Network Multimeter?

We now use it as standard for all our clients and have integrated it into our operations. It greatly simplifies packet analysis. We often have to deal with computer systems which have grown over the years, and the Allegro Network Multimeter’s very useful to quickly obtain an overview of them. Moreover, your system was really helpful when we were up against a major problem. Logo

Advantages for ITsicher.NET at a glance

  • Visibility of large IT systems
  • Identify security risks quickly
  • SMB version immediately visible
  • Direct contact with product development for ongoing improvements

Allegro Network Multimeter

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What sort of problems are encountered in network headaches of this nature?

In this case, we were faced with a network error in a large authority. There was far too much traffic, including outside business hours, and this was potentially a considerable security risk.

We couldn’t get any further with our existing equipment. Although we had similar analysis findings, it would have been extremely time-consuming to verify them. But after analyzing the network with the Allegro Network Multimeter, the source of the error was quickly apparent: a Cisco switch had a faulty port. Thanks to your system and further detailed analysis with Wireshark, we quickly realized that the packets were too small. We wouldn’t have been able to solve this problem with any other system.

Are there any other features of our system you find useful?

Sure. In my opinion, there’s nothing like it on the market which gives me information about the SMB version just like that. This was the problem in the case I just mentioned: the SMB version was ancient!

Thanks for the compliment :-) In response to your feedback, we’ve now developed the Samba feature and integrated it into our tool as standard.

Well, it’s great that our feedback’s been directly incorporated into the device’s development. This feature is really very important to us as it’s an area we particularly focus on. We’ve used it a number of times to ascertain the SMB version of our clients’ networks. It’s displayed immediately. Just hook it up, click on ‘Enable’, and I can already see the information I need.

How long does it take to get to grips with the Allegro Network Multimeter?

We have four analysts using it. With the quick guide supplied, it took about three minutes to get it up and running. There haven’t been any queries yet. Mind you, to explore the ins and outs of the device and discover the many analysis details and links, you need a playful instinct – and that varies from one person to the next, of course.

Is there anything which in your view the Allegro Network Multimeter lacks?

No, I’m completely satisfied with your system. I’ve always wanted to have something like it. What’s special about your device is the immediate classification of the specific protocols and their detailed analysis. There’s nothing like it when it comes to fast, straightforward analysis. Being able to directly analyze Windows networks and their typical sources of error is obviously very important to me.

Mr. Sollinger, thanks for talking to us. is an IT firm based in Dorfen, not far from Munich. Rainer Sollinger and his three staff handle the IT security and IT quality of both businesses and private individuals. They also carry out ISO certification and ensure IT security in line with the standards promulgated by the German Federal Office for Information Security.

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