Allegro 200 series

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The Allegro 200 series comes with two 1 GBit/s measurement ports but no dedicated on-board management port.

The management connection is always handled via USB adapters. The device includes two USB ports. The white port is USB2 and the blue port is USB3 to which the USB3 Ethernet adapter, the Wi-Fi adapter and optionally an external storage device can be connected. If all three devices need to be used in parallel, a separate USB hub is required. This hub should be self-powered since the USB power budget is limited.

The USB3 port should be used when transfer rates beyond 480 MBit/s is required. We recommend to put the USB3 Ethernet adapter into the USB3 socket but if a fast USB3 storage device is used, the Ethernet adapter can also be used at the USB2 port. This will limit the transfer rate to ~480 MBit/s which is much more than required for the web interface, but full line speed capturing via browser downloads are not possible.

The following table shows some typical use cases and the recommended setup for the USB devices:

Use case white USB2 port blue USB3 port
Wireless access Wi-Fi adapter empty
Wireless access and LAN access Wi-Fi adapter Ethernet adapter
Fast capturing to storage, LAN access without need for capturing as browser download Ethernet adapter USB3 storage device
Fast capturing to storage, fast LAN access empty self-powered USB3 hub -> Ethernet adapter + USB3 storage device