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The multi-device feature allows you to access multiple Allegro Network Multimeters from a single master appliance. Access to the remote Multimeters is routed through the master appliance so the web user does not need to have direct access to the target devices.

Features like the Path measurement also use the multi-device settings to access the remote appliance for the measurement.

As soon as a remote multi-device is active, the top menu shows a drop-down menu for you to be able to select the current view. All measurement data shown in the web interface are from the selected device.

Multi device settings

List of remote devices

The first part of the page contains the list of all configured remote devices. It shows the host name or IP address for the corresponding device and an arbitrary description for each device which can also be changed.

Next to the description, details of the SSL certificate of the remote device is shown so it is possible to verify the correct certificate.

The last column allows you to activate or deactivate devices and remove them completely from the list. Only activated devices are actually contacted and made available in the top selection box.

Add a remote Multimeter

Below the list of registered Multimeters, new devices can be added by entering the host name or IP address, optionally setting a description for the device, and the login credentials.

Master device description

The master device can also have an arbitrary description to make it easier to select it from the top selection box.