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It is possible to label IP and MAC address with custom names and group them together into categories to allow for easy access to specific systems. For example, all your internal machines could be labeled to match their actual name and you can categorize them into different departments.

These user defined names are persistent and are available from start on. All entries are assigned per Allegro Appliance and not per user. An assigned name is available for all users.


Web Interface

User defined names.png

Adding or remove entries

The configuration of the list of names is available via Settings -> User defined names.

The configuration page shows on top the list of IP and MAC names currently set in the system. It is possible to search for a specific entry by entering the IP or MAC address, or the category or actual name.

Individual entries may be removed from the list by clicking at the trashcan symbol in the last column.

At the bottom of the table new elements can be added by entering the IP or MAC address, and the category and name of the element. By clicking at the plus symbol, the entry is added and will be used without further doing.

The complete IP or MAC address list can be cleared by clicking at the bottom below the table. A dialog will ask for confirmation.

Names may also be set directly at the IP or MAC detail page, see below for more information.

Importing IP list

The IP names allows importing an IP list from an external URL or from a file in the format:

#A line with a comment

By clicking on Import list a dialog will be opened where you can choose to download such a list from a given URL or specify a file from your system. The IPs are added to the already existing ones.

Uploading or downloading the complete list as CSV file

Depending on the use case, the number of elements to add may be large. In this case it is also possible to upload a comma separated text file (.csv). The format is simple as follows:


mac,00:00:00:00:00:00,category,name ...

The first column defines whether the line describes an IP or MAC address. The second column is the actual address and the third and fourth is the category and the name of the entry.

The web page allows to download a template file which may be opened in a spreadsheet application.

The final file can be uploaded by clicking at the upload button and selecting the file from your local directory.

The current list can be downloaded also by clicking at the download button. The CSV file will contain both IP and MAC addresses.

DNS resolve

The Allegro Network Multimeter can resolve IP addresses by using the DNS server known to the management interface. A reverse lookup is being performed and the retrieved naming information is shown next to the IP address in various modules.

The DNS resolving can also be configured to run periodically after an interval passed and try to resolve IPs of certain given subnets. To prevent high load on the DNS server, only 5 queries may be active in parallel.

Name display for user defined names

If a user defined name is configured for an IP or MAC address, the name will be shown among the alternative names (which also include possible DNS, DHCP name, or other sources of information).


In the detailed page for a single IP or MAC address, you can click on the pencil symbol to directly set a name for this specific address.


The IP and MAC overview, the IP or MAC column is highlighted to indicate such special entries for which a name is configured.


It is possible to enter the category or user defined name for IP and MAC filters.

Also, the name check in complex filters matches the user defined name, like in this example:


It is also possible to filter for specific category by using the category check:


In this example, the list would only show those element for which a user defined name is set and its category contains the string server.