Using the Allegro Remote Service

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Allegro Remote Service

The Allegro Remote Service is a public Internet server provided by Allegro Packets which uses the same SSH Port Forwarding feature that can also be used for private servers.

The advantage of using this service is that it enables the Allegro Network Multimeter to be accessed from anywhere in the world without requiring additional services.

When enabled, a unique URL is generated that can be used to access the Allegro Network Multimeter. The traffic is still SSL encrypted with the certificate installed on the device but you must ensure a secure password is used for the accounts on the Allegro Network Multimeter, since by using the URL anyone can contact the device.

The Allegro Remote Service is a transparent proxy which does not terminate the SSL connection. The certificate presented to your browser is the same that is configured on the Allegro Network Multimeter.


To use the Allegro Remote Service, enter the menu "Settings -> Remote access & export ".

You can see the current status and enable the service by toggling the button.

Allegro Remote Access.jpg

Optionally, it is possible to restrict access by specifying subnets which are allowed to access the Allegro Network Multimeter.

Save the settings and a unique URL will be presented which can be accessed via the Internet.