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Some measurement modules have separate settings that influence the level of information measured.

Capture traffic

A detailed description about the capture module configuration settings can be found in Capture module.

IP statistics

The IP module can be configured to store less information for significant less memory usage and slightly better performance.

A detailed description about the settings can be found in IP module.

L4 Server Ports

  • Enable UDP server ports tracking: This option allows enabling or disabling the L4 server port tracking for UDP. When this option is enabled, the UDP tab in L4 server module will show all detected server ports. The number of seen UDP server ports can be huge, thus disabling this option will increase the minimum storage time.

SIP Statistics

A detailed description about the SIP module configuration settings can be found in SIP module.

Burst Analysis

The throughput measurement module can measure interface throughput with a configurable resolution. The module can report its measurements via IPFIX or generate incidents as soon as a configured threshold exceeds. It can be configured as follows:

  • Duration of one measurement interval in milliseconds: The measurement interval in milliseconds. For each interval all packets are aggregated until the interval duration is over and a new interval starts.