NetBIOS module

NetBIOS is often used in Window environments for multiple purposes. This module tracks specific NetBIOS packets for name resolution. It can hint names of IP address if other source like DNS or DHCP misses such information. Related protocols and synonyms for NetBIOS are SMB, Samba, CIFS or WINS.

Web interface

NetBIOS module.png

The web interface shows all IPs that have announced a name. The columns are as follows:

  • IP address: This is the IP address assigned to the client computer. Clicking on the address link will lead to the corresponding page of the IP module.
  • Name: This is the name the client uses in NetBIOS packets.
  • Alternative names: This column shows all other names known for this IP address.
  • Group: This is the group name used by the client in NetBIOS packets for the target of the packet.

The search bar allows to filter for a specific IP or name

Resetting statistics

The stored data about each IP can be removed by clicking on the trashcan button on the top right of the NetBIOS statistics web page.