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Find Network Errors More Easily

New Product Generations: x310 / x410 / x510 Series

  • Each series offered in 4 performance levels
  • Featuring data capture rates of 40 GBit/s per SSD for up to 240 Gbit/s
  • 50% more internal In-memory database options (up to 6 TB for x310 / x410)

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Allegro Network Multimeter - The All-in-one Solution for Network Troubleshooting

  • Keep track of your network

  • Improve your IT architecture productivity

  • Explore your network in real-time

Network Analysis and Troubleshooting

Detect errors and problems in a network with just a few clicks. Get more information on how a system administrator can benefit from the Allegro Network Multimeter.

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Monitor Layer 2-7 to 200 GBit/s in Real-Time

Whether burst in VoIP analysis, VLAN, PTP or subsequent pcap extraction. Here you get an overview of the Web interface with its extentive analysis modules.

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Product Overview

Our troubleshooting tool is available in various system sizes, from the virtual edition, the Allegro 200 access model right up to the high-end version, the Allegro 5500. Whether office or data centre - here you can find the right system size for your needs.

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Order the Allegro Network Multimeter

Would you like to take a closer look at our troubleshooting tool? Find one of our resellers to test and buy the Allegro Network Multimeter.

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Allegro Network Multimeter

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