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What we do

Allegro Packets is a network analysis specialist providing an innovative troubleshooting appliance for network problems with the Allegro Network Multimeter. System administrators and IT professionals benefit from the Network Debugger because it offers extensive analysis capabilities across all network layers.What did not exist before: The Allegro Network Multimeter combines the advantages of previous solutions. It's smaller, faster, and more practical than other network analysis tools available on the market.

The smallest model is hardly bigger than a smartphone. At the same time, the Allegro is as powerful as a full-featured server. In addition, the tool can present very clearly even complex network structures. A product that combines all these three properties, is something that cannot be found in comparable solutions. Allegro Packets follows the actual problems faced by network operators as they develop their debugger. The claim is to actually help the user to solve problems. Therefore, Allegro Packets is always open for suggestions and feature requests. The priority of the young company is to offer an innovative and solid product - and that permanently. The Allegro Network Multimeter is completely developed in Germany, which guarantees customers close communication channels to support and feature requests.


Allegro Packets meets the growing demands of modern information architectures with innovative attributes: The appliance can be transported in any laptop bag and installed at any point in the network. Allegro Network Multimeter is a tool that makes complex security concepts possible. Network irregularities and unexpected traffic can even be detected, simply by visualizing network traffic and correlating all the Metadata.

Founders of Allegro Packets

How Allegro Packets was created

One of the founders: Frieda

Allegro Packets was founded in 2014 by Katrin Pflugfelder, Klaus Degner and three other software developers (Dr. Ralf Hoffmann, Martin Weiser and Georg Müller).



All five founding members come from the field of network packet processing and have many years of experience in the development of network technology. For example, Klaus Degner has designed several products in the field of network packet processing and brought them to market.  Before Allegro Packets, he contributed to the founding of two companies, which were later successfully sold. The development of Allegro Network Multimeter is based on a shared experience in previous projects in the area of network analysis. When installing new technology at the customer, they had no way to find out the problems in the network. It was missing a monitoring tool that made it possible to show traffic on the spot and thus detect errors. 

They wanted to close this gap and developed an analysis tool, the Allegro Network Multimeter, that is portable, high-performance and displays the results clearly. Less than two years on the market, the Network Multimeter has successfully established itself on the market.