Environmental protection

Environmental awareness and behaviour

An environmentally friendly, respectful and sustainable engagement benefits nature and all of us. It promotes the well-being of staff and delivers long-term added value.

At Allegro Packets we take specific steps that help to do something for environmental protection and (indirectly) reduce pollution.
Our goal is to preserve resources, to act in a sustainable and balanced manner to avoid unnecessary environmental pollution.

A key question here is, how can we handle resources efficiently and use them wisely? We have developed specific actions and routines for this purpose.

Consumption of Materials

  • We purchase green electricity from the provider Green Planet Energy and thus consume 100% green electricity.
  • Use of energy-saving, technology (e.g. IT & lighting), to reduce power consumption, e.g. by the installation of motion detectors.
  • Reduction of (power) consumption and heat generation when using computers. For example, small computers are used for small services to minimize power consumption. In addition, we only operate test computers when they are needed. We manage without air conditioning in the server room on many days of the year, and only switch on the air conditioning system when it is really needed.
  • Waste management with consistent waste separation.
  • Lunch together, freshly made on site, preferably from products without packaging or from bulk packs.
  • Avoidance of disposable and disposable products / no disposable packaging.
  • Beverage from returnable glass bottles.
  • Fair trade and environmentally friendly coffee from Nicaragua.

Materials Use

  • Allegro Packets appliances are produced fully in accordance with legal requirements and standards such as RoHS.
  • The WEEE number according to the German Elektronikgesetz (ElektroG) of Allegro Packets is: DE11814238.
  • We pay close attention to environmentally friendly processes by our suppliers. This can take the form of low-emission production and the sustainable use of raw materials, or it can involve the use of a company-wide environmental management system.
  • Information and advertising materials are printed on 100% recycled paper, with organic inks and 100% green electricity.
  • Company shirts are made from organic cotton and are purchased from Fair Trade suppliers.
  • There are sufficient and safe parking spaces for employee bicycles.

Form Follows Function

To conserve resources we try to reuse packaging to ship our products and not to manufacture or purchase one-way packaging. The focus is not on design and appearance, but on practical use.

The packaging varies and does not have to be aesthetically demanding. Such packaging can fulfil its useful purpose when used several times: for example, to ensure the safe transport of our network troubleshooting tools. In addition, we use plastic-free adhesive tape.

Think Global, Act Local

Allegro Packets works with organizations and agencies in the region. Thanks to the location of the Allegro Packets office, all staff can reach the office either on foot, by public transport or by bicycle. We try to avoid long procurement and delivery routes, and where possible, aggregate deliveries.

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