Competence Day with Allegro Packets, Netcor and Niagara Networks [DE & EN]


With our partners Netcor and Niagara Networks, we are holding a webinar on troubleshooting complex networks. In the free online event, you will get expert insights on network analysis with the Allegro Network Multimeter and Wireshark.

Webinar topics:

    • Long-term recordings for detailed problem analysis
    • Intelligent alerting: proactively detect errors for efficient workflow
    • Analyze microbursts, retransmission and runtime accurately with Allegro Network Multimeter and Wireshark
    • Packet Broker Switch as a supplement for error analysis?
    • Analyze encrypted traffic
    • Packet Broker Switch and Bypass Switch as support for Security Tools

The speakers will be Managing Director and Product Manager of Allegro Packets Klaus Degner and Senior Sales Consultant of Niagara Networks André Vink.

Register now. We are looking forward to welcoming you in the webinar!

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