Web meetings around the Allegro Network Multimeter & Wireshark


TCP Window & application block size can be a reason for poor network performance. A combination of the Allegro Network Multimeter and Wireshark make it easy to analyze these parameters. Wireshark provides in-depth analysis, while the Allegro Network Multimeter displays a dashboard to view the results of complex analyses. Learn more about these topics in NETCOR's free web meeting:

  • Background and basics about Window size and application block size.
  • Analyze retransmissions with Wireshark: What is the meaning of missed TCP data, Dup Ack and retransmission?
  • More efficient analysis and long-term statistics of retransmission with the Allegro Network Multimeter.

The web meetings will take place on September 11 and 14 and will be held in German. You can register here for your free participation.

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