Synchronous Measurement and Monitoring

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Synchronization in the Sub-microsecond Range

The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a network protocol that synchronizes the time settings of multiple devices on a computer network. PTP performance allows synchronization in the sub-microsecond range, provided that all network components support the corresponding standard.

Monitoring of all Available PTP Masters

The PTP analysis with the Allegro Network Multimeter allows the investigation of networks using the Precision Time Protocol. The analysis can check all basic parameters in a PTP network.

The Allegro Network Multimeter displays all available PTP masters for PTP performance. This can be used to identify at what time which master was present in the network and which PTP packets were sent by it. Deviation and drift of the master clock compared to the Allegro are also displayed.

Performance of the PTP Peers

In Step 2, the Allegro Network Multimeter displays all detected PTP peers. The statistics include the time at which someone last synchronized with the master and who receives the time via PTP. The Allegro Network Multimeter also allows the synchronization of packet timestamps - via PTP instead of NTP. If the timestamps need to be more accurate than PTP, synchronization via GPS using an expansion card is possible.

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