Allegro Network Multimeter 1510/ 3510 / 5510 / 7510 Features

Allegro Network Multimeter x510 Series

  • For Enterprise Core Networks, Data Centers, ISP Networks
  • 4 extension slots (1 - 400 GBit/s Cu or fiber)
  • Up to 200 GBit/s max. capture rate
  • 192 GB internal database memory, expandable up to 3 TB
  • Dynamic ring buffer, expandable up to 36 x 3.5" SATA/SAS3, optional 4 x U.2
  • Up to 600,000 active IP and 64 million concurrent connections
  • 437 mm long x 178 mm high x 699 mm deep
  • Weighs 40 - 80 kg
Allegro Network Multimeter 3500

Extent of Application: Enterprise Core Networks, Data Centers, IPS Networks

Allegro Network Multimeter 3500

The x510 series, consisting of Allegro 1510, 3510, 5510 and 7510, is optimized for the analysis, monitoring, verification and troubleshooting of network connections from 1 G to 400 G. The systems are designed for very high capture recording, analysis and storage rates and allow retroactive verification of up to 600,000 active IP addresses and 64 million concurrent connections. The Allegro Network Multimeter is ideal for use in large data centers, core networks and ISP infrastructures.

The Allegro x510 series is equipped with a back-in-time function and enables precise selection of the recorded information. The data can be extracted as pcaps as a browser download with a simple click. In addition, selected data can be individually reimported into the network, to recreate specific events or security incidents, e. g. with IDS / IPS systems.

The x510 series has multiple extensions for additional connections and storage options. The device can process up to 200 GBit/s of real-time traffic to be checked in 400 G environments. Alternatively, the number of ports can be increased to 16, selectable from 1 / 2.5 / 5 / 10 / 25 / 40 / 100 / 200 or 400 GbE Cu / SFP+ / QSFP ports. The memory size for processing historical data in the in-memory database is 192 GB in the base version and can be expanded up to 3 TB. The ring buffer for recording the traffic on a link or the selected data traffic enables the extraction of historical packets. The ring buffer can be dynamically expanded up to 36 x 3.5“ SATA / SAS3, 4 with optional U.2 support.

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Allegro Network Multimeter

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