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Allegro Packets Relase 4.1

More power for network analysis

Leipzig, 25 September 2023 - Allegro Packets, a leading network analysis and troubleshooting provider based in Leipzig, Germany, is providing network professionals with …

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Allegro Packets & Open Reality Ltd enter partnership

Leipzig, Germany, September 5, 2023 - Leipzig-based network analysis specialist Allegro Packets and Open Reality have agreed on a new strategic sales partnership.

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Allegro Packets introduces new generation of products: Allegro Network Multimeter x310/x410/x510

Leipzig, Germany, July 4, 2023 - Leipzig-based network analysis specialist Allegro Packets releases a new product generation. The Allegro x310/x410/x510 are the …

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Latest Media Coverage

Heise Magazine iX Carries out Thorough Testing of Allegro 1000

The IT specialist magazine iX from the Heise Group has carried out an independent device test, where the Allegro 1000 was tested under the actual conditions of a network …

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Allegro Network Multimeter debuts on Dutch media

The Dutch trade magazines ITchannelPRO and ICT magazine reports for the first time on the use of Allegro Network Multimeters as diagnostic tools for network analysis with …

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News from IP-Insider on firmware version 3.3

Online IT magazine IP-Insider publishes an article on firmware release 3.3. Which features the online magazine highlights you can read here.

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Latest Papers

How to find the right provider for your network analysis.

networking+ builds on know-how from Allegro Packets

Finally a clear view in the network analysis jungle! Our freelance consultant David Griffiths reports in an exciting article in Networking+ magazine about the factors to …

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Chat, telephone and video: trouble-free network access

Smooth Communication on all Channels

Most communications services share bandwidth over a network connection. This can create peak loads and competing connections. Problems can be investigated by analysing a …

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Debugging Skype with the Allegro Network Multimeter - Technical Article in LANline 2020

LANline Presents Skype Debugging Methods

Skype is business-critical and has replaced VoIP phones in many companies. What can the admin do to investigate the connection in case of problems? If there are repeated …

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