Allegro Packets appoints Mike Canney to US Principal Field Engineer

Former Accedian employee Mike Canney joins the company to help drive the next phase of growth in the US market

Leipzig, Germany / Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, January 5, 2023 - Allegro Packets, a leading network analytics specialist, has chosen Mike Canney to be its first Principal Field Engineer, US and North America.  A proven industry veteran and sales specialist, Canney will now be in charge to sharpen Allegro Packets’ focus on the US and North America. 

In this role, Canney is responsible for driving growth in the US and North American markets, working with industry-leading distributors to provide technical support and guidance to our customers. 

Canney assumes responsibility for strategic planning, sales management, and acquisition of new partnerships and customers while promoting the benefits of real-time analysis with the Allegro Network Multimeter for network environments.

“We are thrilled to have Mike in the role of Principal Field Engineer, US and North America,” says Klaus Degner, Managing Director of Allegro Packets. “He is a packet analysis visionary and a proven sales director. His deep industry knowledge and many years of practical experience in countless companies make Mike the ideal candidate for the role of US Principal Field Engineer. We look forward to his impact to Allegro Packets in the North American markets."

More than 30 years of experience in packet analysis

Canney brings more than 30 years of experience in network performance, packet analysis and sales to his new position. Prior to his role at Allegro Packets he developed specialized courses to teach engineers around the world how to detect, fix and prevent network and application problems by analyzing traffic flows at the packet level. He also has been a regular presenter at "Sharkfest", the Wireshark developer and user conference for several years. In the IT industry, he is well-known as a consultant, sales specialist, inventor, and excellent speaker. 

"I have used almost every packet analyzer that has been made in the last 30 years,” says Mike Canney. “However, there is nothing comparably brilliant to the Allegro Network Multimeter that has ever been developed. I’m happy to take the opportunity offered to me to help this great solution take its rightful place in the American market."

Klaus Degner, Managing Director of the emerging company says "Allegro Network Multimeter significantly speeds up in-house troubleshooting by quickly isolating faults. They analyze network traffic in real-time, whether the event to be analyzed is current or in the past. Statistics such as TOP-protocols and TOP-activities can be used to filter the traffic within a few clicks. The preselected traffic can be captured and provided to Wireshark for deeper packet analysis. We look forward to our first participation and sponsorship at SharkFest'22 and are excited to exchange ideas with Wireshark developers and users from around the world."


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