Network Monitoring: Proactive troubleshooting made easy

Improve the network by proactively monitoring performance


Improve the network by proactively monitoring performance

An important part of an administrator's work is to monitor the various components for the performance, traffic usage and protocols of a network and the services it provides. With the Allegro Network Multimeter, there is no need for lengthy configuration; instead, network analysis can be performed directly live in real time and even with the smallest appliance (Multimeter 500).

Suppose you are asked for a report or status assessment of what network changes have occurred recently, e.g. the average/maximum load or quality of internal servers. You can quickly and easily get the information you need using the Allegro Network Multimeter, such as setting up faster network connections or using other switches. The multimeter appliance provides a quick overview of a before-after comparison, the network users and the protocols used as well as detailed statistics of the individual server services (SMB, HTTP, SSL, etc). The data for long-term evaluation of the network from the week before last, last week or the current week can be collected in real time and stored for archiving or further processing.

Response times of HTTP servers of the last week, average and maximum response time and time history.

Ideally, problems or malfunctions can be rectified before they are noticed by users and can be clearly presented in daily or weekly reports. If irregularities occur, you can react immediately. The Allegro Network Multimeter makes it easy to analyse network traffic after the event. Such data also often contain the best indications of systematic availability problems. You can define any time ranges, e.g. between 22:00-06:00, in order to limit the causal error within minutes and then take measures to correct the error.

In live operation, an overview of IP addresses is displayed, sorted by the IPs with the most packets during the last minute. If a time range is selected, the IPs with the most packets are listed in this interval. Individual IPs can be clicked to access the IP detail statistics for that IP, or the Top IPs link can be clicked to access the main IP module.

Selection of the time range from 22 o'clock in the evening to 6 o'clock in the morning.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Proactive troubleshooting
  • a quick overview of a before-after comparison
  • no need for lengthy configuration
  • any time ranges can be defined

Allegro Network Multimeter

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What factors can the Allegro Network Multimeter network monitoring tool detect?

Network monitoring with the Allegro Network Multimeter tool can capture many factors and parameters of a network, such as the utilization of network components or lines.  These include the status of lines and virtual links, the topography and routing in the network as well as the transmission properties for individual protocols such as HTTP, FTP, DNS, SIP and TCP. In addition, there are transmission times, delays or error rates. Alarms and status messages from network components and devices connected to the network complete the collected information.

The Allegro Network Multimeter can be used to detect faulty components or data transmission problems. In the event of an error or failure of network components, operators or administrators are informed by alarm. Measurements of round-trip delays, data rates and end-to-end transmission times are also essential functions of network monitoring. They ensure that the quality to be provided by the network is maintained.

Bandwidth incident
Representation of a single incident where a configured MBit limit was exceeded.

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