How does the Allegro Network Multimeter work?

New Generation Allegro xx10 Series

Demo: Allegro Network Multimeter in 5 Minutes

Release Webcasts

Firmware Release 4.1 with the following topics:

Imrpoved Performance, New Tunnel View Modes, PCAP Anonymization, Hawkeye Integration, Timestamps in Nanosecond Accuracy, Virtual WiFi Link Groups and much more

Firmware Release 4.0 with the following topics:

WiFi initial feature set, WPA2-PSK real-time decode performance, WiFi monitoring & wifi channels, WiFi interfaces, Pre shared key in WiFi decryption, WiFi modules with channel statistics, WiFi client and much more

Firmware Release 3.3 with the following topics:

Path measurement extension, 'Slow memory' support, active name resolution via DNS, IEC 60870-5-104 decoder, processing limitation per virtual link group, extended pcap extraction, pcap comment and filter profiles, Syslog improvements, ring buffer rules for VLAN, rules for SIP-calls, Webshark preview for disk captures, IPSec statistics, GENEVE & TRILL

Firmware Release 3.2 with the following topics:

Flexible graph resolution, new incident engine, offline Product Wiki, regexp feature, IPSec per tunnel statistics, TACACS+, virtual link group extension, TCP statistics, improved QoS and DSCP, new speed modes, time selector and SIP feature improvements and much more

Network Insights

Start pcap Captures with a USB Presenter


GPS Timestamp Support with the Allegro Network Multimeter

400 G Support with the Allegro Network Multimeter

New Generation Allegro x210 Series - For Portable and Stationary Use

New Appliances: Allegro 1300 / 3300 / 5300

Introduction of the Product Wiki

Performance Optimization for special Use Cases

Debugging Skype Traffic with TCP

Latenzprobleme mit TCP-Analyse erkennen

Incidents bei Grenzwertüberschreitungen

Paketverluste mit Streckenmessung ermitteln

Gruppieren von virtuellen Linkgruppen

Fehlerquellen mit Profinet finden

Netzwerkqualität mit Burst Analyse überprüfen

VoIP-Qualität mit SIP-Analyse überprüfen

Netzwerkverkehr mit NIC-Filter vorfiltern

Allegro User Day 2021

Optimierung des Allegro Network Multimeter



Messen und Events

[EN] CORE-IT PROS'22: Use Cases der Netzwerkanalyse

[EN] SharkFest'22: Vorfilter für Wireshark

it-sa 2019: Allegro Network Multimeter 500

it-sa 2019: Netzwerk-Troubleshooting

it-sa 2018: Netzwerkanalyse und -monitoring

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Allegro Network Multimeter

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