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The connections module displays connections from all IP addresses within the system.

In contrast to the per-IP connection list this allows to identify the largest connections among all IPs. The module iterates through all IP connection lists and gather the top 1000 elements according to the active sort and filter parameters. The list always only contains up to those 1000 connections, but any complex filter can be used to see elements which are otherwise not visible.

Since the operation can be quite costly, the table will not be updated regularly. Instead, an update button can be clicked to retrieve the current data. However, table modifications, such as changing the sort order, selecting another page or selecting a time period, will update the table will update automatically.

The actual data displayed for each connection is identical to the connection table per IP (IP module).

The list content is always limited to the top 1000 connections, but if accurate result counters are necessary, the option for "slow but exact counters" can be enabled. This will slow down the calculation but the total number of matched connections will be displayed even if it is greater than the 1000 connection limit.

CSV download

The CSV download button allows to download the connection data of all connections regardless of the 1000 element limit as a CSV file.

The currently entered filter is applied, but sorting is ignored for the output.

Most columns are available in the CSV output. The first line contains a description of each column. See IP module for details what each columns means.

Only a single download can be active at the same time as it takes some time to generate the file.

Overview tab

This tab shows statistics about the number of connections analyzed by the system.

The New connections counter shows the total number of new connections or the number of new connections during a selected time interval. The graph next to it shows the history of the number of new connections per second.

The Active connections counter shows the current number of active connections analyzed by the system. It changes to Active connections average if a time interval is selected and then shows the average number of connections that were active during that interval. The graph next top it shows the history of how many connections were active at a certain point in time.

REST API access

The following URL returns the CSV list as a download: