IEEE 802.11 module

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This module analyses IEEE 802.11 frame encapsulated in special packets (

In the current version, only IEEE802.11 data frames with QoS data are processed to display statistics about the access points and participants and their quality. All other IEEE802.11 frame are skipped.


The statistics page shows two generic packet counts:

  • processed packets: This is the number of IEEE 802.11 data Qos frames ( that are decoded and accounted for statistics. This frame are type 2 and subtype 8.
  • skipped packets: This is the number of IEEE 802.11 frames that are not analyzed (because they are not supported or invalid). This includes all frame not being type 2 or subtype 8, as well as possible corrupt packets.

BSS QoS frames

The table shown in this section lists all so-called "base service sets" which are usually the access points.

The MAC address is shown as well as the number of packets and bytes transmitted as part of data QoS frames.

The signal and noise level is shown as well.

Per-BSS statistics

For each BSS MAC address, more detailed information can be shown by clicking on the MAC address in the BSS list.

The detail page shows an overview for this BSS ID and contains additional tabs for the list of subscribers of that base service set, as well as the list of frequencies, channels, and bands used by this base service set.