LLDP module

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The LLDP module extracts information from LLDP messages (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) and correlates thisinformation to the respective MAC and IP addresses.

Web interface

LLDP module.png

There are two tabs: one tab for IPs and one tab for MACs. Each tab shows a list of the addresses for which LLDP information was seen along with some information that was provided for the address.

The columns displayed are as follows:

  • IP or MAC: Depending on the selected tab this column shows either the IP address or the MAC address for which the LDAP information in this row was transmitted. A click on the address will open the detailed statistics for that address.
  • Alternative names: Names for the address that were gathered from other data sources (DNS, DHCP, etc.) or custom defined names are displayed in this column.
  • Last updated: Shows the time when the information was last updated by decoding a LLDP packet.
  • System name: The name of the system as transmitted in the LLDP packet.
  • System description: The description string for the system as transmitted in the LLDP packet.
  • Port name: The port name as transmitted in the LLDP packet.

The search bar allows to filter for a specific IP/MAC address, names or for LLDP information in the table.