MAC protocols module

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The MAC protocols module operates on layer 2 of the network stack. It stores information about all MAC protocols. For every protocol, the corresponding network traffic is accounted.

Web interface

MAC protocols module.png


The overview shows common MAC protcols such as IPv4, IPv6, ARP and whether VLAN tags are set together with the corresponding traffic. A pie chart visualises the distribution of traffic and the history chart shows time based traffic per protocol. In live view the total amount of bytes is displayed. If an interval is selected, only the traffic from this interval is being shown.

MAC protocol list

The MAC protocol list shows all protocols with the corresponding traffic. The list may be ordered by selecting the proper column.


It is possible to download the traffic of a MAC protocol by clicking on the download button. The captured packets are not stored on the system but they are directly sent over the HTTP connection to your computer. To stop capture, click on the same button again (which turned to a STOP symbol), or go to the capture traffic page in the generic section and stop the corresponding download.