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The packet size module operates on layer 2 of the network stack. It stores information about the size of every packet and provides a size distribution among several groups of a certain range of size. Size of the packet is calculated on layer 2 with trailing CRC (as on the wire). For instance for Ethernet MTU of 1500 Byte, the maximal size of a packet is 1518 Byte (Ethernet frame size 1500 Byte + 18 Byte header and frame checksum), or 1522 Byte (when VLAN is being used).

Statistics are available for the whole traffic as well as for TCP and UDP only.

Web interface

Packet size module.png


The packet size distribution for the groups of a packet size range is shown as a table and a pie chart. The history chart displays changes over time. In live view mode, the total count of packets is displayed. If an interval is selected, only the packets of the interval are taken into account.

Average packet size over time

The packet size minimum, maximum and average size are displayed as a table and as a history chart. In live view mode, the min/max/average of all packets is displayed. If an interval is selected, only the min/max/average of that interval is being shown.