Performing a factory reset or configuration reset

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There are two ways of resetting the device back to default settings.

  • The configuration reset is a fast and lightweight method of removing all configuration changes while keeping the current Firmware.
This method can be used if you are unable to access the web interface, either because of a lost password or the IP settings for the management port are invalid thus keeping you from accessing the web interface.
  • The factory reset will completely reinstall the operating system from a factory image.
This will clear all settings and configurations and restore the original Firmware version shipped with the device.

Configuration reset

The configuration reset can be executed via two different methods.

The most convenient method is to use the web interface.

  1. Go to the menu "Settings → Administration"
  2. Click on "Reset system configuration"
  3. The device will restart.
  4. All settings including the network configuration will be reset to the factory default.

The alternative method is to use the boot menu described below for the factory reset. The menu allows to either select factory reset or configuration reset.

Factory reset

The factory reset can be used if a normal configuration reset is not possible, or the device does not correctly start at all.

The factory reset can only be accessed via a connected monitor and keyboard. Follow the following steps to reset to the factory Firmware.

  1. If the device is still running, power it off by pressing the power button. The power LED should turn off after a few seconds. If the power LED still glows, hold the power button for three seconds to switch off the device.
  2. Remove all network cables from the device.
  3. Connect a display to the VGA port or HDMI port (or use web access to the IPMI KVM on Allegro devices of series 1000+).
  4. Connect a USB keyboard to any of the USB ports (or use web access to the IPMI KVM on Allegro devices of series 1000+).
  5. Power on the device by pressing the power button.
  6. After initialization, a boot menu appears for 3 seconds.
    1. Select "Factory reset" and press Enter.
    2. Or select "Configuration reset" to reset the configuration settings only while keeping the current Firmware installation.
  7. The device will boot, reset everything to factory settings, and reboot again.
  8. The device is now reset to factory settings.
  9. Disconnect the display and keyboard.