Reaching Allegro Support

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How to get Allegro hardware or software support

On this page you will find important information about the initial setup of the Allegro Network Multimeter. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact our support department.

You find the contact details of our support department in each release mail or on the printed installation guide.

We do not publish contact details here; support is intended for customers and potential customers.

Necessary information

We may ask you for additional information if necessary:

  • We need the SystemID to identify your appliance. You can find this information in the menu "Info -> System info".
  • If you experience a crash, a special crash log is generated that helps us to identify and fix the problem. See also Reporting bugs.
  • Often we need a file "" which is available at the menu "Info -> Status". It contains multiple internal log files for different components and the current configuration (without sensitive data).
  • If the question or problem is related to specific network traffic, it can help if you create a small capture for the traffic if possible and share that trace file with us. We will give detailed information about how to obtain the capture.