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The Allegro Network Multimeter can measure response times for TCP connections, HTTP, and SSL connections for multiple parameters. In all statistics the raw values are shown. If applicable, the average and min/max values are shown too.

Also, the standard deviation ( is shown, giving an indication how large the measurement values deviate from the average. Smaller standard deviation values means more accurate average values.

For an easier comparison we also show a simplified score for the response time values. The score mechanism is described in the following sections.

Web Interface

Scoring of response times.png

IP address related scores

The response time value for an IP address always accumulate the response times for each individual connection for that IP. That means the average/min/max values describe all connections for the whole measurement time, or a selected time range.

The score for that IP address takes the average value and the standard deviation into account as follows:

  1. The base score depends on the average value fitting into the following time ranges:
    Time Score Description
    0-10 ms 5 typical LAN connection
    10-50 ms 4 slow LAN connection or country wide connection
    50-200 ms 3 international connection
    200-1000 ms 2 slow connection
    >= 1000 ms 1 bad connection
  2. The standard deviation is taken into account to decrease score for less stable values:
    Score adjustment Condition
    -0.5 Standard deviation is between 50% and 150% of the average
    -1.0 Standard deviation is larger than 150% of the average
    -0.5 More than ~5% of all values are outside the time window of the base score (see above)

Connection related scores

For a single connection there typically is only a single value without any average value.

The base score of a connection uses the same time intervals as for the IP addresses above.

For TCP connections, no additional adjustment is done.

For application response times (such as SSL or HTTP), an additional adjustment is calculated based on the average response time of the server:

Score adjustment Condition
-0.5 The connection response time is larger than ~68% of all values of the server
-1.0 The connection response time is larger than ~95% of all values of the server