Generic Allegro Network Multimeter installation

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Generic install information

All Allegro Network Multimeters share the same basic installation steps.

A quick installation guide is provided with each device as a printed document or on our web site.

The basic steps, described in detail in the installation guide, are:

  1. Connect the external power supply or cable to the internal power supply.
  2. Connect the LAN connection for management access,
  3. Or, connect the Wi-Fi device for wireless access.
  4. Setup Bridge or Sink mode depending on whether you want to deploy the device in-line or on a passive Tap or Mirror Port.
  5. Connect the measurement ports.
  6. Start the device.
  7. Access the web interface.

Device specific installation guides

Allegro model Installation guide
Allegro 200
Allegro 1000/1200
Allegro 3000/3200
Installation guide 200/1000/1200/3000/3200 (English)
Allegro 500 Installation Guide Allegro 500 (English)
Installation Guide Allegro 500 (Deutsch)
Allegro 1300/3300/5300 Installation Guide Allegro 1300/3300/5300 (English)
Installation guide Allegro 1300/3300/5300 (Deutsch)
Allegro 1500/3500/5500 Installation Guide Allegro 1500/3500/5500 (Deutsch)
Allegro Virtual Edition Installation Guide Allegro Virtual Edition (English)