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SNMP can be used to obtain some basic statistics of the status of the Allegro Network Multimeter.

SNMP support can be enabled in the menu "Settings -> Remote access & export -> SNMP".

Configuration settings

Configuration value Available options Notes
Enabled off
on for SNMPv1 support
In firmware < 3.0
SNMP service disabled
In firmware >= 3.0
Community The community string used by SNMPv1/v2c. Default value or empty is "public".
User name The SNMPv3 user name In firmware >= 3.0
User password The SNMPv3 password for authentication and encryption In firmware >= 3.0
Authentication method SHA
In firmware >= 3.0
Encryption method AES In firmware >= 3.0

Supported attributes

  • hostname (
  • uptime (
  • interfaces (
  • temperature ( -.7)
  • ICMP (
  • storage (

Supported transport methods

The SNMP access uses UDP on port 161. If SNMPv3 is enabled, it uses the User-Based Security Model (USM) for authentication and ecryption. In this mode, only "authPriv" is supported.

Available SNMP versions and transport layer
SNMP version Protocol and port Security
v1/v2c UDP 161 none
v3 UDP 161 USM authPriv
Overview of available feature combinations for SNMP access
Feature set SNMP v1 SNMP v3
plain access yes no
authentication no mandatory (SHA, SHA-256, SHA-512)
encryption no mandatory (AES)
USM no yes
via TLS no no
via DTLS no no
via SSH no no