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The public statistics access allows to see some selected, based statistics without the need to login.

For data privacy reasons, this feature must be enable first in the Remote access and export settings, and all data visible does not contain any user-related information. The available information are described below.

General information

The start page /public contains a simple list of available statistics, described in detail below.

All URLs can be extended by the following two options to adjust the statistics:

  • timespan: sets the amount of time displayed in graphs. It defaults to 1 minute.
    • The value is either seconds, minutes or hours, depending on the suffix.
    • Examples:
      • timespan=120 This selects 120 seconds or 2 minutes for the timespan.
      • timespan=60m This selects 60 minutes or 1 hour.
      • timespan=24h This selects 24 hours or 1 day.
  • update: sets the number of seconds between data updates. It defaults to one update every second.
    • Examples:
      • update=60 updates the data once per minute

List of available URLs:

URL content
/public Basic entry page
/public/interfaces Interface statistics
/public/voip Voice over IP statistics
/public/topiptraffic Top 10 amount of IP traffic

Interface statistics

The URL "/public/interfaces" shows the current throughput of each active interfaces.

For details, log in and go to Interface statistics.

VoIP statistics

The URL "/public/voip" shows the current throughput for SIP and RTP protocol, and the error codes for SIP requests.

To see more details, log in and go to SIP module.

Top IP traffic

The URL "/public/topiptraffic" shows two pie charts with the top amount of traffic in the last timespan. For data privacy reasons, only the amount is visible, not the actual IP addresses. To get detailed information, log in and go to IP module.