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Application performance monitoring and network analysis in real-time and back-in-time with the Allegro Network Multimeter

Advances Network Systems: Allegro Network Multimeter

Allegro Packets' Network Troubleshooting appliances are problem diagnostic tools for network analysis. They are used by network administrators around the world to analyze network traffic in real time, whether the event being analyzed is happening right now or in the past.

Allegro Network Multimeters use software algorithms to analyse peak loads and faults. At the same time, they act as powerful network monitoring tools to ensure high network quality.

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Allegro Multimeter - Tool zur Netzwerkanalyse
Informationsgrafik Netzwerkanalyse

What's special about the Allegro Network Multimeter

✓ easy commissioning
✓ current network traffic and historical network analysis in real-time
✓ self-explanatory operability
✓ fast display of the analyses in clear statistics via the web interface in your browser
✓ high performance 1-200 Gpbs analysis in L2-L7
✓ ultra-portable to rack models
✓ all devices use the same software
✓ pcap capturing for further investigations (e.g. Wireshark)
✓ data and statistics available without waiting time

Leichter Start in die Netzwerkanalyse

Network troubleshooting for all network traffic sizes

Netzwerkanalyse mit dem Allegro Multimeter

All Allegro Packets network diagnostic have the same software and differ only in data performance, storage options and connectivity. The Allegro Network Multimeters are available for mobile or stationary use with an analysis rate of 1 to 200 Gigabit.

To illustrate the performance capabilities of the devices: The paperback-sized Allegro 200, weighing just 260 g, checks up to 5,000 IP addresses, for example, while the Allegro 5500, in turn, can check up to 800,000 IP addresses.

Click here for our product overview, which will help you decide which device fits into your network structure.

Allegro Network Multimeter in 5 Minutes

Get an insight into the different possibilities of analysis and statistics of the Allegro Network Multimeter within a few minutes. For more information on any of the Allegro Network Multimeters, feel free to contact us or our partners in your area.

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Allegro Network Multimeter

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